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2015-03-25 12:09:57 PM
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  • What Was is a collaborative writing and roleplaying forum based around White Wolf's World of Darkness. Specifically, we focus on vampire politics in an overpopulated, lawless Los Angeles while waiting for the world to end.

    If you're new to the setting, never fear! I aim to provide any information you need on the board itself, as clearly and concisely as possible, so you can focus on telling stories and adding to our world. If you have any questions we'll be happy to help out and expand those docs as necessary.

    If you're an old WoDhead, welcome! We're not oWoD, nWoD, or V20, but something in-between, as I've tried to cherry-pick the pieces that make for the most interesting modern nights. You'll not be filling out character sheets or tracking blood pools here, but you're welcome to help us create all the vast conspiracies and dark milieus your heart desires.

    Quote from: Johannes Parvus
    Bernard of Chartres used to compare us to [puny] dwarfs perched on the shoulders of giants. He pointed out that we see more and farther than our predecessors, not because we have keener vision or greater height, but because we are lifted up and borne aloft on their gigantic stature.